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Start your cyber security with endpoint protection! Discover what Cylance can do for you.

Do you worry that 100% coverage with endpoint protection is impossible? Kappa Data gladly takes care of this worry by presenting you the solutions of Cylance.

With the innovative and Artificial Intelligence based technology of Cylance and the expertise of Kappa Data engineers, you’re always 1 step ahead of all digital threats.Even if they’re brand new.

Help your customers and yourself to fully secured network environments and let us guide you in your journey to a solution, from start ‘till finish and every stage in between. Because at Kappa Data we strive towards a happy customer.

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Desktop & Fileserver Security

Malware is a general term for software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems. This can seriously endanger your business operations, so antimalware is an essential component of your network's security infrastructure.

Allround Cyber Security

Virtualization is the future, which is why you are constantly optimizing your ICT infrastructure. But is your cyber security the best it can be? Anti-malware solutions are invaluable, but they can threaten your productivity. Do you want to avoid installing and maintaining software and signature databases on each of your virtual machines? Purpose-built virtualization security protects your data -- and your performance.

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