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Extreme Wireless Cloud training – Kappa Data

juni 9, 2021 - juni 10, 2021


Course Overview

ExtremeWireless Cloud Training ECS course provides Extreme Networks customers and partners theoretical and practical hands-on training to give students a better understanding of Extreme Networks Cloud Wi-Fi technologies. Students will also learn how to manage and orchestrate ExtremeWireless Cloud from within the ExtremeCloud IQ management platform.


Students should have a working knowledge of networking concepts and a basic understanding of WiFi technologies although prior experience of WLAN design and deployment is helpful.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Understand the Cloud Services platform
  • Understand the evolution of distributed architecture
  • Take a first look at ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Understand the basics of WLAN technologies
  • How APs connect to and communicate with the ExtremeCloud IQ
  • An intro to the Guided Configuration of Objects
  • Learn about the Client monitoring features within ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Defining all user traffic settings
  • A primer on 802.1x troubleshooting
  • Looking at the capabilities of the Network 360 tool and the richness of its data
  • Understanding the benefits of PPSK on a WLAN
  • Assigning WiFi-settings to the radios in an AP
  • Defining global port settings
  • An introduction to SDR
  • How to use and create CCGs
  • Understanding the use cases for classification
  • Combining Classification Rules for user VLANs using CCGs
  • Using Management and Native VLANs to optimize deployment
  • Looking at some of the diagnostic tools available within ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Basic Administration walkthrough
  • How to do firmware updates using ExtremeCloud IQ
  • What you need to know about the ExtremeWireless exam

Solution Overview


  • Global Data Centers
  • Regional Data Centers
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR and Privacy
  • Private Cloud
  • Local Cloud
  • Wireless Hardware

Distributed Architecture

  • Understanding the evolution of distributed architecture
  • Distributed Control
  • Cooperative Control Protocols

ExtremeCloud IQ

  • Taking a first look at ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Logging in for the first time

WLAN Design Concepts

  • Coverage Design
  • Roaming
  • Layer 2 Retransmissions
  • Capacity Design
  • Airtime Consumption
  • Co-Channel Interference
  • Antennas

Device Discovery and Provisioning

  • Device Redirection Services and Auto-Discovery
  • Auto-discovery for on-premises
  • Management Protocols and Device Updates
  • Adding Devices into ExtremeCloud IQ

Guided Configuration and Object Management

  • Guided Configuration of Objects
  • Clone Tool

Monitoring Clients, Users and Client 360

  • Monitoring Clients
  • Monitoring Devices

User Profiles

  • Defining VLANs
  • Firewalls
  • Tunnelling
  • Rate Limiting
  • URL Filtering
  • Availability Schedule
  • Assignment Rules

Troubleshooting 802.1x

  • IEEE 802.1X with EAP
  • 802.1X Troubleshooting

Network 360

  • Monitor View
  • Device Health
  • Client Health
  • WiFi Health
  • Network Health
  • Services Health
  • Application Health
  • Security Health

Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK)

  • Understanding PPSK
  • 802.1X/EAP
  • Mapping User Profiles to User Groups
  • User Groups
  • PPSK Credential storage
  • RadSec Proxies
  • Secure Access with Cloud PPSK
  • RadSec Troubleshooting

Radio Profiles

  • Showing Radio Profiles through a Lab

Device Templates

  • AP Device Templates
  • Radio Settings
  • Radio Usage
  • Mesh
  • Exclude Channels
  • Transmit Power Control

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

  • Dual-Band APs
  • Dual 5GHz WLAN design
  • SDR Radio Profile

Cloud Config Groups and Classification Rules

  • Cloud Config Groups – What are they?
  • Classification Rules
  • Joining CCGs and Classification Rules

Classification Rules

  • VLAN Objects
  • Captive Web Portals
  • Time Zone Objects
  • Use Cases
  • Server Objects
  • AP Device Templates
  • SSIDs

Deployment Optimization

  • Management and Native VLANs
  • Using Trunked Ports and VLANs
  • AP and VLAN guidelines
  • Configuring rollback timer

ExtremeCloud IQ Diagnostic Tools

  • Device Diagnostic Tools
  • Ping
  • Points of Failure
  • VLAN Probe
  • Common CLI Commands


  • Network
  • Reports
  • Diagnostics
  • Inventory
  • Insights – Comparative Analysis
  • Insights – Proximity
  • Insights – Presence

ExtremeCloud IQ Administration

  • Communications
  • Account Management
  • Administrator Accounts
  • Internal Admin Accounts
  • External Admin Accounts
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Global Settings – Logs
  • Global Settings – Audit Logs

Firmware Updates

  • How to do firmware updates using ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam

  • What you need to know about the ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam


This is 2-day classroom-based training of which approximately 8 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.


Matts Koppen, Certified Trainer


Evaluation is a continuous process at Kappa Data so your feedback will be asked during the training. At the end of the training, you will also receive a full survey where you can add your feedback.




€1400/per persoon

! Deze training zal online gegeven worden, u ontvangt hier 48 uur op voorhand een link van.

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juni 9, 2021
juni 10, 2021
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