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Complete solution for IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Monitoring, analyzing and managing on-premise, cloud or hybrid IT environments

Affordable management software for IT infrastructure


Improves performance of network, applications, servers, databases or other IT infrastructure

Offers one product that can manage, monitor and optimize all IT resources and operations on one platform

One platform on which you can manage, monitor and optimize all IT resources and activities. Control and insight into your entire IT environment. 

SolarWinds – IT management software and monitoring tools

SolarWinds is a leading provider of powerful and affordable management software for IT infrastructure. SolarWinds’ offering for IT Operations Management (ITOM) is perfect for hybrid IT environments with multiple vendors. With ITOM, you can monitor IT infrastructure and application performance, detect performance issues, reduce incident resolution time through multi-platform correlation. Whether you run your network, applications, servers, databases or other IT infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, SolarWinds can easily monitor, analyze and manage them. Regardless of the type, size or complexity of the IT infrastructure.

A fully integrated IT management system

Focusing on ease of use and excellence in end-to-end hybrid IT performance management has made SolarWinds a global leader in network and systems management software and MSP solutions. SolarWinds gives you control and visibility into your entire IT environment. It offers solutions for any business, regardless of the size of your enterprise.

What is SolarWinds IT Operations Management Framework (ITOM)?

SolarWinds ITOM is a tool to handle, manage and optimize all business processes on a single platform (ORION). However, it is very complex, time-consuming and costly to deploy monitoring solutions to maintain, optimize, manage and secure all IT resources within a company. SolarWinds IT Operations Management (ITOM) offers a single product that can handle, monitor and optimize all IT resources and operations on a single platform without hassle. Unlike many other enterprise products, SolarWinds ITOM is a completely flexible and scalable solution. A way to solve a concrete problem and gradually expand into additional technologies within the same platform. In short; solve your problem today and decide to buy later.

This includes the SolarWinds IT Operations Management Framework:

  • Network Management: Multi-vendor network performance management software that is scalable and grows with the needs of your network
  • Infrastructure Management: Ensures high performance and availability of software applications
  • Database Performance Management: Cross-platform database performance monitoring and tuning for both on-premises and cloud.
  • Application Performance Management: Gain unparalleled visibility into logs, metrics, tracing, hosts and the digital experience of all your hybrid applications.
  • IT Security Management Tools: Powerful, affordable and easy-to-use management solutions to make everything in IT more secure.
  • IT Service Management Software: help desk ticketing, IT asset management and end user support.

All software is available for free with a thirty day trial!