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Meet our team: a perfect blend of creativity, technical knowledge and expertise.

Our motivated colleagues do their best to support resellers and end customers. Our in-house trained experts will gladly support you with internal sales, pre-sales and aftersales guidance.

Get to know our Kappa Data team of customer-centric IT professionals below.

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Patrick Casteels

Managing Partner

Cooks up and manages great ideas for Kappa Data

Chris Willems

Managing Partner

As strong in managing as he is in lifting weights

Michel Grunspan

Managing Partner

Managing Partner of Kappa Data Group

Together we always strive for a higher goal, both internally and for our customers!

Bart Carton

Sales Manager

Smoothes out the wrinkles when needed

Maxime Pisaneschi

Wifi & Network Engineer

Just like a king, he plays an important role and likes to make the right move for your Wi-Fi solutions

Katrien Moerman

Internal Sales Engineer

Grows (y)our business like she does with her garden

Cédric Dellisse

Network & Security Engineer 

A champion in both his work and table tennis

Koert Martens

Director of Technology

Gets along smoothly with technology as with his Rolleiflex

Elke De Turck

Account Manager

Hits as high scores in tennis as in managing her sales team

Simon Dursin

Internal Sales Engineer

A setter on the field and a moodsetter in the office

Nick Leman

Business Development Manager 

Stabilizing the relationship with our partners

Bert Verschaeve

Innovation & Solution Engineer 

Plays with technical applications as smoothly as his keyboard

Melanie Moreels

Sales Administrator

Runs our administration

Dirk Cipido

Business Development Manager

Hits a hole-in-one at work and on the field

Annemie Wauters

Internal Sales Engineer 

Brings the party to work everyday

Jolien Van Royen

Group Marketing Manager

Shapes her marketing ideas like her pottery into beautiful projects

Patrick Banken

Internal Sales Engineer 

Always keeps his eyes on the goal

Frédéric Van Walle

Presales Engineer 

Races through your technical problems

Jean-Jacques Tollet

Internal Sales Engineer 

His pocket clock and magnifying glass prove how accurate he works

Didier Beydts

Sales Administrator

He doesn’t just hit the mark with his darts, but also with administration.

Rafaël Lepoutre

Business Development Manager 

Adds a little spice and fire to his relationship with his partners

Thomas De Rycke

Marketing Assistant

Wins the grand slam at work every day

Quincy van der Vloedt

Teamleader Purchase

Purchase expert and pasta lover!

Tom Uytterhaegen

Network & Security Engineer

Is building your secure network

Jonas Mettepenningen

Network & Security Support Engineer

Always busy on his PC, not only as a Support Engineer but also as a gamer

Francies Reynaerts

Account Manager 

Goes on a journey to discover the right partners

Lisa Van den Dooren

Internal Sales Engineer 

Keeps everything on track

Chaline Duwyn

Finance Assistant

Is used to handle railway routes and as well (y)our finances

Paul Noyens

Account Manager 

Together with his top team, he puts all his Mustang horsepower at the service of their partners.

Philippe Nollet

Internal Support Engineer & Functional analyst 

He plants today what he will harvest in IT tomorrow

Tom Van Rijsselbergen

Team Leader Finance

Always hits his mark, numbers or balls

Peter Ngeam

Helping Hand & Cleaning Manager 

His technique is as clean as our office

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