Our values

At Kappa Data, we’re passionate about our customers, so we attach great importance to loyalty, partnerships, technical expertise, innovation, and, last but not least, a personal touch.

Below, discover what we stand for, and what you can expect from us.

Customer loyalty

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor, and passionate about its customers. We value customer loyalty, and go to great lengths to provide added value for our partners.

We work exclusively with resellers, but we also support end customers who work through resellers. We always make sure that relationships between all parties involved, from end customer to supplier, are good, and mediate where necessary if any conflicts arise.


At Kappa Data, we’re interested in real partnerships. Contact us if you need reliable solutions in the field of network infrastructure, network security and IoT, and we’ll be happy to support you with in-depth knowledge sharing, training and support, both technical and commercial.

If you’d like some extra support, be sure to check out our as-a-service packages. That means that if you’re a reseller, you don’t have to invest in a technology that you don’t use every day. We’ll gladly share our thoughts with you, so that you can give your customers even better service! Our technical team can make site visits for installations and Wi-Fi measurements throughout the Benelux.

Technical expertise and innovation

We have excellent technical and commercial experts on board that we’ll gladly to share with you. We’re striving to be an authorised training centre for the majority of our brands, with our own in-house experts.

Our certified technical teams and consultants are always ready to help you! In addition, we’re always looking for the latest market-based, technologically progressive and reliable solutions to provide you with the very best advice and support.

Personal touch

At Kappa Data, you can enjoy a personal approach: from fast quotes and budget optimisation and demo services to a customer-friendly service with fixed contacts in an accessible, but professional atmosphere.

Ecological footprint

Kappa Data also tries to do its bit and to reduce its ecological footprint. When it moved in 2015, Kappa Data Belgium chose to put up an ecological building that makes optimal use of solar panels and rainwater.

We are in the process of greening our vehicle fleet. Since 2018, we have opted exclusively for hybrid or electric vehicles when purchasing new cars. There are also a number of charging stations in the office and these are also being added.

Kappa Data makes a number of electric bicycles available to its employees. Cycling is also part of the Kappa Data identity. With actions like #GETOUTANDBIKE and #GETOUTANDMOVE, we stimulate our clients to do more and better sportive performances. Are you exhausted after all these sporting efforts and ready for a glass of water? Kappa Data has also banned all plastic and PET bottles, get a refreshing glass of (sparkling) water straight from the tap.

Since the beginning of 2021, there has been an employee working group on the topic of “Ecology” which provides the management with green advice. We hope to be able to continue to refine our ecological thinking and contribute to a better society. Will you help us to go greener?