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As a company, you may have the most sophisticated email security software, but if cybercriminals target the user, you run a high risk of being a mouse click away from a potential financial catastrophe.

A mistake is easily made

Are you worried about your employees or colleagues clicking away rashly? Kappa Data takes care of this with Cyber Security Awareness Training. A well-trained employee is the best defence against phishing attacks, even when they are directed at a specific person. Therefore, invest the necessary time and resources to teach your employees how to recognise phishing and how to deal with it. That way, they can respond appropriately to threats and scams, keeping your business safe.

Discover Cyber Security Awareness Training

We will train your employees to make your organisation 100% Phishing-proof. During multiple campaigns, your employees will be challenged with different fake phishing messages, so we can find out exactly where the weaknesses are and deliver targeted awareness training. Choose from an e-mail, SMS, voicemail and/or USB campaign. The training consists of different online videos that can be supplemented with classical training. Every project is different, so we provide a tailor-made route.

Kappa Data can take care of everything for you or would you prefer to start working yourself? Then we provide solid training on the platform so you can take care of Security Awareness campaigns yourself. Get a clear view of the learning progress of your employees after each campaign. Prevent your employees from becoming victims of Phishing attacks. Prevention is of course better than cure!

Our advantages

  • Get started yourself or opt for total outsourcing
  • A customised campaign, according to the needs and requirements of your organisation
  • Decide yourself which components will be handled: e-mail, SMS, voicemail and/or USB
  • Periodic evaluation and adjustment
  • Continuous process in which the power of repetition is central
  • Gain insight into how employees deal with different forms of phishing

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If you want to find out more about this new Cyber Security service, download the solution brief and datasheet by leaving your details below and don’t become a Cyber Security victim.

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