Network Security

To measure is to know. What do you know about your network?

Our solution

Securing your own network requires more than the usual firewall to protect the perimeter. Now, more than ever, it’s important that this firewall also communicates with other data sources.

Examples include a combination of network access control (NAC) and endpoint security. If any of these solutions detect an unsafe device or user, the firewall will be notified so that the device or user in question is isolated from the rest of your network.

Our customers

Kappa Data’s customers always purchase the products and then resell them. Traditionally, these are IT resellers.

In addition to the traditional IT reseller, Kappa Data also supplies products to integrators of picking systems, camera systems, cashier systems and other systems. An integrator needs no in-depth product knowledge at all; a technical presales and support team are on head to assist each partner with development and integration. End customers, on the other hand, are referred to the most suitable, agreed, partner.

Kappa Data also provides training to achieve the desired level or certification.

Our method

Network Access Controller

A network access controller (NAC) is a device that controls who or what is or isn’t allowed on the network. The correct network segment is assigned according to a series of parameters. In the event of the slightest deviation (antivirus error, dangerous traffic detected on the firewall, etc.), a device can be disconnected from the network.

A profile is systematically maintained for each device, so any form of manipulation is immediately detected. This gives you continuous control and management of every device with a hardwired or wireless connection to the network.

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Technical expertise

Kappa Data supports resellers and customers with comprehensive technical expertise, training courses and guidance. Our technical and presales teams are always on hand for you!

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At Kappa Data, you enjoy a very personal and professional approach; from rapid quotes to demos and customer-friendly service with regular contact people. We’re here for you.

Outstanding service

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor that helps you find solutions. We make sure that all the parties involved are happy, and mediate where necessary should conflict arise.

What our customers say

Kappa Data is a trusted supplier. They will assist you with every little detail. They will do everything possible to help you in achieving the right solution.

Sun4IT, Kris Vangeneugden

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