Armis is the leading platform for OT, IoT and IT asset management in cybersecurity

Agentless and passive control of a growing threat landscape


Comprehensive visibility of every device and connection

Advanced attack surface management

Robust attack surface protection


Ensure compliance with NIS2 and NIST regulations

Prioritize actions to address vulnerabilities effectively

Seamlessly bridge the gap between IT and OT

Gain deep visibility into Operational Technology (OT)

Who is Armis?

At Armis, they are driven by collaboration and trust, working together to deliver exceptional service. They are dedicated to delivering value to their customers and ensuring they are satisfied with the innovative solutions that address their unique challenges.

Armis, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a global leader in device security. With nearly 500 employees worldwide, they help organizations secure a wide range of devices, from IoT to industrial control systems. They enable their customers and partners to confidently pursue digital transformation strategies and embrace new connected devices.


What solutions does Armis offer?

Armis specializes in enabling secure deployment of connected devices, protecting businesses from cyber threats. Key features include:

– Comprehensive visibility of each device and connection

– Advanced attack surface management

– Robust attack surface protection


What benefits does Armis offer?

With Armis, you can:

– Comply with NIS2 and NIST regulations.

– Prioritize actions to effectively address vulnerabilities

– Seamlessly bridge the gap between IT and OT

– Gain deep insight into operational technology (OT)


Armis Centrix™: A modular approach to cybersecurity

Their Armis Centrix™ platform, powered by an AI-powered Asset Intelligence Engine, provides real-time management and security of billions of assets worldwide. This cloud-based platform proactively mitigates cyber asset risks, fixes vulnerabilities and secures your entire attack surface.


Customized service packages

To meet diverse needs, they offer four customized packages:

  • Armis Centrix™ for asset management and security: Tailored for comprehensive asset management and security.
  • Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT security: Focused on securing operational technology and IoT devices.
  • Armis Centrix™ for medical device security: Designed for medical device security.
  • Armis Centrix™ for vulnerability prioritization and remediation: Focused on identifying and effectively addressing vulnerabilities.

Customers can choose the solution that best fits their needs. Pricing models are flexible, with options for per-product or per-site pricing.


Compliance made easy with Armis

The Armis Unified Asset Intelligence & Security Platform meets the key obligations of the NIS2 directive, providing unparalleled visibility, real-time asset intelligence and AI threat detection. Armis is your partner in achieving a mature, defensible cyber posture.


Technology partnerships

Armis Centrix™ integrates seamlessly with numerous tools, including endpoint security solutions and asset inventory systems. Notable integrations include Juniper Mist, Netskope, Crowdstrike and others, providing a unified source of truth.


Start securing your future with Armis

Discover how Armis can transform your cybersecurity approach. Contact us to learn more and discover how we can tailor our solutions to your needs.


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