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Who is Sophos?

Sophos simplifies IT security with its next-generation solutions that protect networks, servers and devices wherever they are. It focuses on innovation, and is backed by a global network of Sophos Labs Threat Intelligence Centers and support services.

This allows Sophos to deliver solutions that are easy to install, use, and manage, so organisations can focus on performance and growth.

What solutions does Sophos offer?

Sophos Cybersecurity solutions protect endpoints (laptops, servers and mobile devices) and networks against evolving cyber-criminal tactics and techniques, including ransomware, malware, exploits, data exfiltration, phishing, and more.

Sophos Cybersecurity solutions:

  • Next-gen Firewall
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Endpoint security
    • Sophos endpoint security en control
  • Next-gen antivirus (AI)
  • E-mail and web security
  • Encryption
  • Network security
  • Server security
  • NDR (Networks Detection & Response)
  • Free tools

What are the benefits of Sophos?

The award-winning Sophos Central cloud-based platform integrates Sophos’s entire portfolio, from the Intercept X endpoint solution to the XG Firewall, into a single system called Synchronized Security. This console is for all Sophos core products like Central intercept X advanced. Administrators can have within a browser a view on real-time information and manage all Sophos solutions like Central Endpoint protection, server, mobile, email and Sophos firewall. Sophos Partners use Sophos Central to manage their business, and can manage customers’ security from the same console. The Sophos Central self-service portal lets Sophos Email, Device Encryption, and Mobile users manage their email quarantines, request encryption keys, and remotely manage their smartphones, freeing administrators time so they can focus on other tasks. You can try a live demo or register for a free 30-day evaluation at

So, it means your firewall and endpoint can communicate with each other to neutralise the latest IT threats. No matter how big your organisation is, you’ll always be safe with Sophos.

Sophos products allow you to secure every endpoint of your network – from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. What’s more, Sophos enables the protection of these devices through products that perfectly match your needs. Sophos guarantees the security of your network through ‘simplicity’.

What are the core products of Sophos?

Since the launch of the Sophos Partner Program in July 2020, Sophos has had core products and non-core products. Sophos core products are all cloud-based solutions like endpoint, server, network, mobile, wi-fi, email and encryption products, synchronized as a complete system in Sophos Central. All partner program benefits including deal registration, incumbency, and NFR are only possible for Core products. A complete list of Core Products can be found in the Sophos price book.

NOTE: non-core products EOS (End-of-Sale) is already announced.  Sophos recommends migrating customers to Core products as soon as possible. Additional licenses on EOS products can only be added until the End-of-Life (EOL) date July 2023.

Sophos Firewalls

Sophos XGS Series next-gen firewall appliances include a new dual-processor architecture that enable new levels of protection and performance. Sophos Firewall offers a full suite of protection features including sandbox with deep learning, IPS, ATP, dual AV, WAF, web and app control – all managed from a single, intuitive console. Besides hardware appliance models, Sophos Firewall supports a variety of cloud, virtual and software platforms to fit a variety of needs. We recommend the Standard Protection or Xstream Protection bundle for the ultimate in security. But all subscriptions are also available for individual purchase. Support offers Support Plans to fit every organization’s needs:  Enhanced Support is included in all Protection Bundles (above). And Enhanced Plus Support adds coverage for connected APs or SD-REDs and they also get prioritized case handling. All Sophos Firewalls include cloud based  management and reporting at no extra charge. Synchronized Security enables real-time threat intelligence sharing between Sophos endpoints and firewall for deeper visibility and better protection against advanced threats.

Sophos NDR

Sophos Network Detection & Response allows you to investigate lateral traffic. Hackers move in a network not only through workstations and servers but also through devices such as cameras PLCs and other remotely controlled devices. These do not always offer the possibility of being secured. When certain movements happen in the network between these devices, Sophos is able to identify and analyse them to then generate alarms.
Through a span-port, a virtual appliance can apply deep packet inspection and even analyse encrypted traffic using AI and pattern recognition.

Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device)

If you want to connect a remote location to the main office, one option is a firewall. However, this can create challenges because the other (usually small) location is in a different network segment. Through Sophos RED, the network is extended and it is as if this device is a port on the firewall itself. This allows you to establish layer 2 links across the internet in a secure way.

Sophos MSP

Sophos MSP is a Central management console where endpoint, server and firewall licenses are offered in a monthly model. As a Sophos MSP partner, you can create your own monthly ‘Usage based accounts’ in the Sophos Central Partner Dashboard. In this central management Web application, you will find all customers and licenses of both purchased subscriptions and monthly MSP customers. Sophos counts the 22nd of the month the number of -User Licenses-Servers-Services-Devices in use and automatically sends a statement to your distributor Kappa Data. We bill you as an MSP reseller and you in turn bill your customers.

Want to grow your business with Sophos? Find out more about Sophos MSP here.


If you need some support, you can access, track and create support cases via the Sophos support (partner) portal:

  • Create and manage support cases for your organization
  • View and manage cases created by others in your team
  • Chat in real-time with one of Sophos support engineers