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Who is Extreme Networks?

Extreme Networks has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology for businesses since 1996. This is the only cloud-driven, end-to-end network supplier in the sector. Good to know, Extreme networks has been named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ leader in Enterprise infrastructure for wired and wireless solutions for the fifth year in a row.

What solutions does Extreme Networks provide?

Extreme Networks offers flexible, reliable and secure cloud-driven networking solutions for businesses. These solutions provide them with complete network visibility, control and insights to support their business goals.

Extreme Networks’ cloud, called CloudIQ makes network management easier, whether hosted publicly, privately or locally. It enables partners and customers to manage network technologies and devices, automate them and gather useful insights using machine learning and AI. Extreme Networks’ product range is very broad and can be found nicely listed at this link.

  • ExtremeCloud IQ

This is one cloud to manage your entire network across wired, wireless, SD-WAN, fabric and more. ExtremeCloud IQ in a nutshell: 360-view of Client, Device, & Network
Almost at 1 glance, you get the full performance, health, and security view of every device in, around, and part of your network. A dream of every technical IT professional, right?

  • Unified Policy Management

Unified Policy Management refers to a centralized approach to managing policies within the network. In this approach, all policies are stored in a single repository and can be easily accessed, modified and enforced by the network administrator.

  • Network Health KPIs

Using Machine Learning, reports are generated that will help a company’s IT department approach any problems, preventive or otherwise, and manage the network optimally.

  • Complete Solution Flexibility with ExtremeCloud IQ

Extreme Networks makes it even easier for you to grow as you go, both technically and commercially. They offer the most flexible, feature-rich application layers tailored to every business, budget and IT need, providing the management, information and security your business needs.

What are the benefits of Extreme Networks?

There are several reasons why you might choose Extreme Networks solutions for your networking needs:
1. Innovation: Extreme Networks is known for its innovative solutions, including the latest technologies in software-defined networking (SDN) and artificial intelligence (AI).
2. Scalability: A wide range of products that can easily scale to meet your organization’s growing needs.
3. Performance: Extreme Networks solutions are known for their high performance, reliability and speed, making them ideal for demanding network environments.
4. Extreme is committed to providing first-class customer support, with knowledgeable and responsive technical support teams available to help with any issues.
5. Focus on security: the importance of security in today’s interconnected world is top priority. The most advanced security features and best practices are integrated to help protect customers’ networks and data.

These are just some of the reasons why you might choose Extreme Networks’ solutions for your networking needs. Ultimately, the best solution for your organization depends on your specific requirements and goals.

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