New: BOB Kit XL – The entire Extreme Networks ecosystem in one case

New: BOB Kit XL – The entire Extreme Networks ecosystem in one case

Discover the power of networking innovation with Kappa Data’s BOB Kit XL, designed to provide you and your customers with an immersive experience in the world of Extreme Networks. This comprehensive flight case houses an advanced ecosystem of networking technologies and provides an unparalleled opportunity for live demonstrations, proof of concepts and informative sessions.

Our BOB Kit XL is a 19-inch box containing at least 3 switches and an access point. A Fabric network runs on this. Typical of Extreme Fabric is its simplicity in installation, maintenance and expansion. Using this kit, you can show your customer, among other things:

  • How easy it is to manipulate a network without the user noticing an interruption.
  • How the system finds its own way, despite breaking a cable.
  • How easy it is to move devices from one port to another without changing any configuration.

What makes the BOB Kit XL unique?

Switching Excellence:
  • Edge switches (X440-24P), represent the EXOS/Switch Engine Edge and seamlessly connects to core switches via Fabric Attach. In addition, like the Fabric switches, it also integrates with ExtremeControl’s Network Access Control (NAC).
  • Core switches, such as the 5420-24T, represent the beating heart of the Fabric Connect for easy network expansion and loop elimination, while the edge switch (5320-16P) with Auto-Sense ports effortlessly recognizes different devices and automatically provides the appropriate port configuration. Whether you connect an AP, an additional fabric switch or a laptop, the Auto-Sense ports ensure the configuration is correct.
Cloud-Driven Management:
  • In the BOB Kit XL, an Intel NUC acts as a server, running ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine. Not only does this manage, configure and automate the entire network, but it also supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP+) for new switches. In addition, the NUC also runs ExtremeControl as Network Access Control (NAC) and ExtremeAnalytics to make application flows transparent
  • ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine enables seamless connectivity with ExtremeControl and ExtremeAnalytics, giving you holistic visibility into your network assets, end-systems and application flows.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine is connected to ExtremeCloud IQ so that all network components managed in Site Engine are also viewable in Extreme Networks’ cloud platform
Wireless Empowerment:
  • The Wi-Fi 6E AP4000 with three radios not only provides the latest wireless standards, but also integrates with Network Access Control (NAC) to provide the same security both of the wired network also on the wireless network.
  • AirDefense makes RF attacks, insightful, so security is not only provided on the inside of the network, but also on the outside. Numerous wireless attacks can thus be recognized and mitigated.

How can I use this BOB kit for my business?

Personal Demonstrations

Experience live switching demonstrations of both Fabric Connect and Switch Engine in action and discover how networks are easier to deploy and manage. This, of course, along with state-of-the-art security using Network Access Control

Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

Use the BoB Kit XL together with a Kappa Data employee as your testing ground for innovative ideas. Test and validate different network situations and solutions so that the right proposition can be presented to the customer.

Informative Customer Sessions

Immerse your customers in the world of Extreme Networks. Discuss and visualize networking concepts using the BoB Kit XL as your dynamic presentation platform.

Partner Meetings and Trainings

We host detailed sessions on a regular basis and offer effective training sessions using the BoB Kit XL to demonstrate the value of Extreme Networks.

Compliance Showcase

Approach compliance according to the NIS2 directive with confidence. Discover how the BoB Kit XL can help make informed product choices to meet imposed requirements. Stealth networking using Fabric Connect combined with ExtremeControl as a NAC can help.


The BOB Kit XL is not just a flight case with switches; it is the ideal way to explore the Extreme Networks ecosystem.
Test it and master it through training!


How can I see the BOB Kit XL at work?

Kappa Data offers this entirely in an “event” format, an ideal synergy between Kappa Data organizing the event for you the partner and your (potential) customers. We look together for a location, Kappa Data also organizes lunch and – if desired – communication and an attention.

Event format

This is a classroom-based event where participants first receive an extensive presentation on the Extreme portfolio. After a short break, participants will be given a live demo where various simulations are simulated and shown. Afterwards, a lunch will be served during which networking will be possible.


In addition to the usual requirements for a classroom-based event, a wired internet connection to the cloud portal is required.


Bert Verschaeve, certified trainer for Extreme Networks.


This can be on-site at the partner’s location or at a location by mutual agreement.

Discover more about the BOB Kit XL in the video below!

Check out this datasheet for more information!

Still have questions?

Contact us on [email protected] for a demonstration or appointment and find out how the BoB Kit XL will transform your networking experience. Together we are defining the future of connectivity!

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