My Experience with Sophos MDR

Sophos MDR

My Experience with Sophos MDR

Dear readers,

Yesterday I experienced something, Jolien Van Royen, Marketing Manager for Kappa Data Group, experienced an unexpected incident that made me realise how crucial it is to have the right security measures in place. As marketing responsible for the Kappa Data group, I am happy to share my personal experience with you.

At 12:52 yesterday afternoon, Sophos MDR detected a threat on my computer. Within minutes of identifying the incident, a case was created and my colleague Philippe was contacted.

“The quick response of the Sophos team is something I can really rely on.” 

The analysis of the incident reported by the Sophos team showed that the malware ‘CXmal/BadLnk-A’ was detected in the ‘Security Shield.lnk‘ file on my computer. What was even more interesting was the origin of the incident: a seemingly innocuous file from the Adobe image/asset store.

“Kind of ironic isn’t it, downloading Security Shield as an icon and bringing in malware with it…”

Besides Sophos MDR’s quick response, our technical department took the time to find out more details about the incident. The timeline, file names and other technical details were thoroughly investigated to better understand the nature of the threat.

For everyone’s privacy and security, I have chosen to anonymise certain details. It is important to know that security incidents can happen to anyone, even when you think you are well protected. And as an, IT Distributor we most certainly are!

This incident highlights the importance of taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity and using advanced solutions like Sophos MDR to protect us from evolving threats.

I would like to thank Sophos MDR for their quick and effective response to this incident, which allowed me to continue my day with peace of mind.

Any questions around Cybersecurity, for that you can’t contact me but my colleagues, contact them at: or

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