Kappa Data expands portfolio with new business unit – ExperTechno

Kappa Data expands portfolio with new business unit – ExperTechno

Kappa Data expands its portolio with new business unit – ExperTechno. With the creation of ExperTechno, the Kappa Data Group is ready to execute specialized projects for resellers, enabling them to dedicate their technical resources to more challenging tasks.

Leverage services to successfully complete rollouts and standard implementations. Avoid assigning your highly skilled technical staff to mundane staging tasks, standard configurations, or product logistics preparation. Let ExperTechno organize and coordinate these aspects without further burdening your organization.

ExperTechno can handle the full deployment of your major projects, both domestic and international, giving you more time to focus on your core and complex tasks.

In addition to offering standard services, ExperTechno specializes in building hardware devices based on partner-developed software/applications. This includes product customization, with design, prototyping, custom tools for RMA management, and much more.

About ExperTechno

ExperTechno, a division of The Kappa Data Group, was formerly known as Exer Technologies, operating under the umbrella of Exer, the French arm of Kappa Data. Founded in 1986, ExperTechno has been at the forefront of equipment development. With decades of experience and specialized knowledge, they provide customized services and solutions that meet your unique requirements.

As a proud member of the Kappa Data Group, their roots in the French industry have enabled them to grow into a reputable brand. With this expertise, ExperTechno is your dedicated partner in providing customized services and solutions.

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Find out all about it in the press release here!

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