Established specialist since 1986

Member of The Kappa Data Group, originating in the French sector

25 years of expertise in crafting hardware solutions and personalized IT services


Seamless integration of partner software with in-house hardware expertise

Collaborative approach from design to industrialization

Comprehensive services covering electronics (PC architecture, microcontrollers) and mechanics (chassis, enclosures, kiosks, totems)

Personalized product and IT services, including design, prototyping, and customized tools

Big logistics deployments including staging, configuration and logistics


Comprehensive Expertise

Tailored Solutions

After-Sales Excellence

Who is ExperTechno?

ExperTechno stands as a seasoned specialist in crafting top-notch hardware solutions since 1986. As a proud member of The Kappa Data Group, our roots in the French sector have allowed us to evolve into a distinguished brand. With 25 years of expertise under our belt, we are your dedicated partner in delivering tailor-made services and solutions.

What solutions does ExpertTechno offer?

At ExperTechno, we seamlessly blend partner software with our in-house hardware prowess to collaboratively build solutions that precisely meet your needs. From design to industrialization, we guide you through every project stage, ensuring a foundation of trust, attentiveness, and promptness. Our services span electronics (PC architecture, microcontrollers) and mechanics (chassis, enclosures, kiosks, totems), complemented by personalized product and IT services.

Choose ExperTechno for a partnership founded on experience, expertise, and a commitment to delivering the best hardware solutions tailored just for you.

Advantages of Choosing ExperTechno

Comprehensive Expertise:

  • In-house design office, manufacturing workshop, and service facilities
  • End-to-end capabilities for production and support

Tailored Solutions:

  • Personalized services to meet unique project requirements
  • Holistic approach ensuring seamless alignment with specific needs

After-Sales Excellence:

  • Value-added logistics services, including IT equipment staging
  • D+1 after-sale service commitment
  • High-value-added services for comprehensive after-sales support