Kappa Data 2020 | The Wi-Fi Ecosystem: Wi-fi is more than just an AP

Kappa Data 2020 | The Wi-Fi Ecosystem: Wi-fi is more than just an AP

Wireless is more than just an access point.

Digital reality leads us more and more away from the IT department and into the direction of the decision makers in the company.

The early days of deep technical debates in dark and dusty corners of basement offices are behind us, as we now find ourselves ‘center stage’ at the management table and close to the investment budgets. This change asks for a different approach and ‘language’ when discussing Wi-Fi.

In this new setting, we face challenges that are specific for every sector. At Kappa Data 2020 we will be addressing some of these difficulties and pairing them with tangible and effective solutions in a way that they can be brought to the customer in easy-to-use language, and at the same time, leaving the competition far behind.

What challenges, what solutions?

And more. The scope is endless. Presented to you at Kappa Data 2020.
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Together with these vendors, we will provide you with matching solutions:

Aerohive | Ruckus | Lancom | SoWifi


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