Kappa Data Benelux Ardennes Barbie & Ken Weekend

Kappa Data Benelux Ardennes Barbie & Ken Weekend

What an incredible time it was during our recent Kappa Data Weekend in the picturesque Ardennes ! This weekend, which was a collaboration of both Kappa Data and Kappa Data The Netherlands, turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

The weekend was kicked off with an electrifying start as our colleagues embraced the Sporty Barbie & Ken theme with flair, setting the stage for a enthusiastic atmosphere that lasted throughout the whole evening.

The excitement began at Kappa Data offices, where we engaged in solving puzzles that eventually (for some longer than others…) revealed our destination: the stunning Ardennes. Once there, we wasted no time and started with some good food, “who can say no to: spaghetti” and a fabulous party on the first evening, setting the tone for the weekend…

Day two was packed with a lineup of thrilling activities that kept everyone on their toes. From the nerve-wracking challenge of dismantling a bomb through puzzles to engaging in competitive Western Games, the spirit of friendship and fun was tangible even though it was raining and hailing like hell! Ultimately, the red team won. Congratulations to them for managing to take a picture even in the hail.

As the sun set, we gathered for a delightful BBQ feast, thanks to Rafaël & Frédéric, enjoying tasty food (even vegan 😉) and remembering the fun we already had. The evening ended with the very first Kappa Data Quiz, testing our knowledge and wit in a friendly competition.

Throughout the weekend, laughter filled the air as we bonded over shared activities and created lasting memories. We’re already looking forward to the next set of activities, eagerly anticipating the chance to reunite once more.

We want to give a big shoutout to our amazing party committee for their dedication and planning, which made the weekend’s festivities run smoothly. Their hard work and commitment made this event truly unforgettable. Thanks Lisa, Quincy, Lotte, Tom, Chaline and Jolien.

In summary, the Kappa Data Weekend in the Ardennes showed how teamwork, friendship, and a love for adventure can create unforgettable moments. Here’s to many more great times in the future!

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