Universal Hardware: one platform for all operating systems

Universal Hardware: one platform for all operating systems

In today’s digital world, companies must choose between different operating systems to meet constantly changing needs. This can be complex and costly because hardware usually needs to be replaced when the operating system changes. With universal hardware, Extreme Networks introduces a flexible solution that provides maximum choice, flexibility and cost savings.

Users can not only select the desired operating system when deploying a wired or wireless universal platform. Users can also switch operating systems at any time without having to purchase new hardware or a new license. This unlocks the full value of the hardware and provides tremendous business flexibility. Everything on demand in the Extreme Cloud IQ Management System.

Tailor your own network to your specific needs at any time
With the 5520 switch series you form the basis of your flexible network. You can switch between ExtremeXOS and VOSS at any time with this switch. Read all the product specifications here and watch the unboxing video below (Dutch spoken).

By also choosing Extreme’s access points, you create a powerful future-proof wireless network. With the AP 305C Value Dual-Radio access point, the AP410C Enterprise Tri-Radio access point and the AP460C for outdoor use you are assured of complete coverage.

Need universal hardware?
Kappa Data has the universal hardware of Extreme in stock. Please contact our experts for a quote, as well as for advice or questions.

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