What are site surveys and what is their added value?

What are site surveys and what is their added value?

Why are site surveys important?

A good Wi-Fi signal is nowadays essential for the proper development and the operations of a firm. For some industries it is of higher necessity than running water or breathable air so to speak. Yet in some companies the Wi-Fi quality leaves much to be desired. Frustration among the employees and a lack of efficiency are logical consequences. A professional site survey prevents this.

How do wireless networks operate?

A wireless network uses the air to send data. The quality of the signal partly depends on possible obstacles it has to overcome, such as interference from other networks or other machinery that uses the same spectrum. And, of course, you expect the wireless network to keep on functioning at peak times.

What exactly does a site survey do?

Different types of site surveys lead to different analyses and results. Depending on your specific needs and the structure of your current wireless network, there are several different types of surveys you can implement.

  • A site survey based on specialized software maps the environment in which the network has to be installed and analyzes it in order to create a stable wireless network.
  • Predictive site surveys create a model of the radio frequency environment and plan the installation of access points to guarantee the best use of your wireless means.
  • In passive site surveys, however, we monitor traffic on your existing network, identify problems with access points, noise or signal strength and find out what the cause might be.
  • Lastly, a post validation site survey is more of a monitoring mechanism to ensure that everything works the way it was designed to.

What do I gain from a site survey?

A professional report resulting from the site survey will tell you where your access points need to be installed and how many you need. Moreover, detailed heatmaps show you where your Wi-Fi quality will be the best and which steps you should take for the best use of your network.

Interested to learn more? Feel free to contact us at any time if you are looking for a site survey monitored by experts in the field or if you have any further questions about any of our other services.

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