Expert in all-in-one endpoint management and security software

Pioneer in cybersecurity, thanks to the integration of AI, machine learning and automation


Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Mobile Threat Detection (MTD)

User & Entity Behavior Analysis

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Secure Gateway


Complete end-to-end security management platform

Overview of all endpoints and users

Zero-hour defence thanks to AI and machine learning

Who is BlackBerry?

Following its fame for iconic mobile phones in the early 2000s, BlackBerry focused entirely on endpoint management and security software from 2016 onwards.

Partly thanks to the acquisition of pioneer Cylance in 2018, the company is now able to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into its cyber security software. BlackBerry is therefore able to stay several steps ahead of cybercrime.

BlackBerry’s slogan is “Zero Trust Security”. The software doesn’t trust anything or anyone on the network until everything has been fully checked by the BlackBerry Spark® security suite.

What solutions does BlackBerry offer?

Managing and securing endpoints is a more essential and challenging task than ever. BlackBerry is a leading specialist in all-in-one end-to-end security solutions.

The BlackBerry Spark® Suites software exploits AI, machine learning and automation to provide enhanced protection against cyber threats.

In addition, the software provides you with useful insights and visibility to manage all users and endpoints, even personal laptops and smartphones.