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Who is Allied Telesis?

Allied Telesis is a world leader in IP and Ethernet end-to-end networking solutions. The company has been around for over 35 years and continues to innovate. Its technology may have evolved significantly over the years, but its focus on quality and service remained unchanged

Allied Telesis is known for its very attractive range of products and services, and excellent value. The core business is ‘no compromise Wi-Fi’, ‘total autonomous networking‘ and ‘secure SD-WAN’, so you’re always guaranteed a perfect solution.

Enterprise customers build complete end-to-end network solutions, with core-to-edge technology, ranging from powerful 10-Gigabit Layer 3 switches to media converters.

What solutions does Allied Telesis offer?


LAN switches help ensure good connections in corporate networks, so they’re a crucial component and must meet high demands in terms of performance, scalability and a wide range of other functions. After all, good equipment enables network operators to drastically simplify networks and reduce costs.

  • Easy Management

Forget your network with the Allied Telesis autonomous management tools that save you time and money!

    • Switching network
    • Switching technology
    • Switching adapter
  • Continuous PoE

Usually, when the switch is rebooted (for a firmware upgrade, for example), the PoE power is interrupted until the switch is back online. Continuous PoE maintains power throughout the reboot to minimize disruption and keep PDs operational.

  • Smart and Secure

Build a network that defends itself for instant threat responses without manual intervention. You can:

  • Automatically responds immediately to threats
  • Integrates with your existing firewall
  • Protects your wired and wireless networks
  • No endpoint agents or software required


  • Industrial switches

Allied Telesis has a wide range of industrial switches, both 19 inch and DIN rail mounted. Powered by PoE or up to PoE++ with multigig ports. Not only the switches but also the corresponding power supplies can be found at Allied Telesis. Among the Media Converters you will also find models specifically suited for the industrial market.

Discover the complete portfolio of industrial switches here.

Media Converters

Fiber media converters are network devices that allow existing and new network systems to be connected, such as copper Ethernet with fiber-optic cabling. Converters are a common solution in practice.

Since the beginning of networking, media converters have played a fundamental role in solving network interconnection problems. But despite this, there is still confusion on how to use this family of devices. This article explains what a media converter is and how to use it, the models available, and highlights some new time-saving features. Read more in this Quick Guide To Media Converters & Network Extenders.

Network Management

It’s easier for network administrators to carry out large-scale operations at businesses and service providers if they manage network devices and services through a central platform. Network management thus makes things clear and less complex, allowing them to quickly implement new applications and services through multilayer network abstractions and a simple point-and-click user interface.

  • Vista Manager

Vista Manager EX provides a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire network, including all wired and wireless devices across the LAN and WAN. Visual management provides at-a-glance actionable reporting that simplifies administration.

  • AMF

AMF delivers real and immediate value to businesses by solving one of IT’s most pressing needs. It provides a converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and TCO, and allowing more to be done with less. Check out this Allied Telesis video about introducing AMF.


In need of some support? Allied Telesis offers direct phone and e-mail support for all products. Optional maintenance contract specifies SLA response times.