Allied Telesis


World leader in IP and Ethernet network solutions

Leading player in software-defined networking



Media Conversion

Network Management


Attractive range

Good value for money

30 years of experience

Who is Allied Telesis?

Allied Telesis is the world leader in IP and Ethernet network solutions. The company has been around for over 30 years, but it never stops innovating. Its technology may have evolved significantly over the years, but the focus on quality and service continues unchanged.

These days, Allied Telesis is focussing on the Internet of Things (IoT), a catch-all term describing the connections between all the physical objects in our lives. After all, it won’t be long before almost every object (thing) is interconnected.

Allied Telesis is known for its very attractive range of products and services, and excellent value. The core business is ‘no compromise Wi-Fi’, ‘total autonomous networking‘ and ‘secure SD-WAN’, so you’re always guaranteed a perfect solution.

Enterprise customers build complete end-to-end network solutions, with core-to-edge technology, ranging from powerful 10-Gigabit Layer 3 switches to media converters.

What solutions does Allied Telesis offer?


LAN switches help ensure good connections in corporate networks, so they’re a crucial component and must meet high demands in terms of performance, scalability and a wide range of other functions. After all, good equipment enables network operators to drastically simplify networks and reduce costs.

Media Conversion

Fibre media converters are network devices that allow existing and new network systems to be connected, such as copper Ethernet with fibre-optic cabling. Converters are a common solution in practice.

Network Management

It’s must easier for network administrators to carry out large-scale operations at businesses and service providers if they manage network devices and services through a central platform.