OneSpan announces the Digipass FX1 BIO

OneSpan announces the Digipass FX1 BIO

OneSpan is excited to announce the arrival of DIGIPASS FX1 BIO, a game-changer in authentication designed specifically for enterprises to secure corporate data and applications for a distributed workforce.

Find out all about the passwordless, phishing-resistant FIDO2 authentication for a secure workforce in this blog post!


What is the Digipass FX1 BIO?

This advanced physical FIDO-certified passkey with fingerprint scan enables organizations to embrace passwordless authentication while providing the highest security against social engineering and account takeover attacks.


Key benefits

Protect employees, partners and corporate resources against account takeover with the OneSpan Digipass FX1 BIO. Eliminate passwords, enable faster logins and enhance productivity. Discover the advantages below.

  • Work anywhere, on any device

Enable employees to work anywhere, on any device, while strengthening security. DIGIPASS FX1 BIO passwords provide the same level of security on personal and corporate devices.

  • Phishing-resistant passkey

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is a passwordless authenticator that is phishing-resistant. It works in connected mode so that one-time passcodes are never revealed.

  • Unparalleled user experience

Passwordless authentication eliminates friction. Employees don’t have to remember passwords and can log in quickly and easily with fingerprint biometrics.

  • 3-in-1 design encourages user adoption

The DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is USB, NFC and Bluetooth compatible. Users choose their preferred authentication method and device, leading to higher adoption.

  • FIDO-certified

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is FIDO-certified, providing organizations with a reliable and robust solution for use with online applications and allowing them to deploy strong authentication for login, without the added cost of in-house development. Enjoy faster time-to-market as DIGIPASS FX1 BIO works out-of-the-box with minimal setup.

  • Easy setup

Setup is simple – just plug the device into your computer’s USB port. To enable Bluetooth, pair the DIGIPASS FX1 BIO with a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet.


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