One Identity Access Management: The key to more secure access management

One Identity Access Management: The key to more secure access management

In our fast-digitized world, access management is critical to identity-based security. Organizations face the challenge of providing employees and customers with proper access to systems and applications while ensuring the security of sensitive data. Fortunately, One Identity as a provider of Identity and Access Management solutions offers an effective solution! Find out all about it in this blog post.


Why Access Management?

At a time when identity is key, access management must be reliable and simple. Gartner defines the access management market as fulfilling customer needs for establishing, enforcing and managing access controls for internal and external identities when interacting with various applications ranging from the cloud to modern and legacy Web applications.


One Identity: excelling in access management

Discover the path to a more secure and accessible digital future with One Identity. Our industry-leading Access Management solutions enable you to secure employee, customer and partner data at an affordable price. One Identity provides everything you need to confidently maintain control over access rights.

Choose One Identity and make the leap to more secure access management, where identity is recognized and protected. Together, we’ll create a digital environment where security and accessibility go hand in hand!


Video | Why Is Access Management So Popular?

Mark Logan, CEO of One Identity, discusses why Access Management is so popular, how OneLogin contributes to our Unified Identity Platform, and how OneLogin contributes to behavior-driven governance.

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