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Kappa Day 2022

October 20, 2022 @ 14:00 - 23:59


You’re invited for our Kappa Day 2022! An afternoon full of knowledge, trends, future plans and networking. Join us on Thursday October 20th!

We invite you to Kappa Day on October 20th, 2022 in Aalst. This edition has been delayed several years due to Covid-19. Now we’re finally back, stronger than ever!

Join this one-of-a-kind event in IT Networking & Security. Learn from professional speakers who will share their insights on the future of the industry in one (late) afternoon.

End this savvy day with our extensive walking dinner and networking party (with live music!). Grab your endless opportunities to connect with other attendees and parties associated with Kappa Data.

What can you expect? | Agenda

2 PM:
We will welcome you with open arms (and a drink) at De Bonneterie | Aalst

2:30 PM:
Kick-off with a quick welcoming session given by Patrick Casteels & Chris Willems

2:30-3:30 PM:
We start with our first session, don’t “sit back and relax” when it comes down to cybersecurity.  We all need to break this mentality. 

3:30 PM:
We take a quick and refreshing break.

4 PM:
We start our next and final session; learn how cybersecurity & network connectivity can grow together with simpler and more efficient management platforms. We will also share our thoughts about the supply chain issues, that we are all facing.

5:30 PM:
After some Q&A questions we welcome you to enjoy fine foodgood company, and great vibes at our networking party. Discover the different tastes of food that will be shared with you through a walking dinner created by the one and only Joost De Paepe. Sip some Kappa Data cocktails while you share your thoughts. Enjoy our live Jazz band, and dance to the beats of “The Almost Swinging Jazz Band“.

First Session: Cybersecurity

Our newest vendor, explained by Filip Vanierschot. He will be telling you all about Armis’ asset library. It’s unprecedented in terms of unmanaged IoT and OT devices and delivers huge value for healthcare, industry, and service sectors alike. 

Sophos & BlackBerry Cylance:
We welcome on stage for you Hans Claeskens (Sophos) and Paolo Bianchini (BlackBerry). Endpoint security today is more than just detecting advanced zero-day malware by using the new AI techniques. These products are evolving into XDR platforms where telemetry from different security solutions is not only collected in a data lake but where specialists in a managed service model actively look for the presence of hackers.

Email remains a very accessible avenue for a hacker to get in on your environment. A Phishing email is quite difficult to detect, and this is eagerly used to find a loophole in the network or to find out a user’s login details. What are the most important new aspects of email security? Alain Luxembourg knows all about it.

One Login By One Identity:
Digital identity is more important than ever because it gives you access to all kinds of systems and applications. Granting, monitoring and logging these privileges often come with challenges. In addition, it has also become apparent that Multi Factor authentication is no longer the “silver bullet” to secure our identity. Marc Uppelschoten explains the main challenges.

Kappa Data point of view:
Ransomware attacks are on the rise exponentially. Typically, businesses are being held digitally hostage. Only by paying a ransom can companies (hopefully) return to normal operations. What are the main avenues a hacker takes against which we need to arm ourselves and what are the latest trends? Koert Martens, our Director of Technology has no secrets for you. 

During the sessions, an artist will create live illustrations about the session so that you can have this information in a structured and unique way. 

Second session: Management Platforms in Network & Security

Alain Luxembourg will again be joining us on stage. Traditional network security is in transition. User identity provides access to an enterprise’s applications and resources, but how can access to that part of the network or application be approached from a Zero-Trust concept? Will this concept eventually replace the Firewall?

Juniper Networks & Barracuda:
The call for intelligent and simplified management platforms, where Firewalls, SD-WAN, Web Security, ZTNA, and CASB come together, is answered by every self-respecting network security manufacturer with the SASE solution. Where do Juniper and Barracuda stand in this story with their solution? Rasmus Andersen, Area Partner Director Benelux & Nordics at Juniper Networks, and Alain Luxembourg from Barracuda will tell you everything about it.

Extreme Networks & Juniper Networks:
Switches and Wi-Fi, sounds like an everyday thing. For many companies, solid network infrastructure with the necessary guarantees forms the basis for running their business. In this respect, management platforms are gaining importance over equally important hardware. What do Extreme and Juniper currently have to offer and what is their vision? Markus Nispel and Rasmus Andersen are experts in the area.

IT teams use various tools to best map the environment they are responsible for. But how do you bring everything together in one clear environment, be it application, databases, servers, network or SD-WAN. What solutions does Solarwinds bring, and how can they help you in this challenge? Simon Abrahams will tell you all about it.

Allied Telesis & Lancom Systems:
The component crisis and zero-COVID policies of the past few months have taught us that not every manufacturer has been impacted equally and at the same time by the component shortage. The cocktail of multiple price hikes, long delivery times and the strong dollar has a bitter taste. Geopolitics isn’t exactly on the cards either. What impact does this have on the European network and security manufacturer?  Patrick van der Zwet (Allied Telesis) and Aijn Ku (Lancom Systems) will share with us everything they know.

Kappa Data point of view:
SASE and SSE are not empty container terms. Gartner has a clear vision of what this means for them and provides a touchstone when taking a closer look at manufacturers’ SASE solutions. Frédéric Van Walle will tell you all about it in a nutshell.

About the location

De Bonneterie is a unique party space in the old Du Parc buildings in Aalst, Belgium. This was formerly home to De Bonneterie Bosteels – De Smet, the market leader in tights, stockings and socks. After their bankrupcy in 2001, the factory buildings stood empty but are now being upgraded to their full glory.

About our moderator

Our sessions will be moderated by the one and only Geena Lisa. Well-known as a presenter on TV, radio and since a few years also as moderator at CyberSec Europe, Geena Lisa will give the flair, expertise and insights you’d expect on the topics we will be discussing on October 20th.

Check out our video to get in the mood!

Checkmark October 20th in your agenda for an amazing afternoon filled with epiphanies and handshakes. Register now!
We are looking forward to see you!


October 20, 2022
14:00 - 23:59
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Erembodegemstraat 33
Aalst, 9300
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