3% increased efficiency at Bonduelle’s warehouse

3% increased efficiency at Bonduelle’s warehouse

Bonduelle’s warehouse in San Paolo (Italy) was made 3% more efficient with the Pozyx Ultra-wideband (UWB) solution. The Pozyx technology ensures that the pallets are always in the right place, reducing the number of misplaced assets and saving the company time and money.

Bonduelle is a key player in the production of processed vegetables. In their San Paolo factory hundreds of kilos of fresh vegetables are processed each day. In the massive warehouse an average of 1,400 pallets are moved daily. Incorrectly placed pallets are both very time-consuming and costly, which is very detrimental to a process that is extremely time sensitive.

Bonduelle experimented with several technologies able to identify pallets with better precision. They concluded that the Pozyx UWB technology provided the most user-friendly installation and best accuracy. Since using this solution the company’s efficiency has increased by 3%, saving the company hundreds of hours per warehouse per year.

This has resulted in Bonduelle implementing the system in a second warehouse in Battipaglia, Italy. Read more about the Pozyx UWB technology and its implementation at Bonduelle’s warehouse in our case study.

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