Allied Telesis presents new case study at Excentis

Allied Telesis presents new case study at Excentis

Excentis, specialized in network technologies, offers world-class products and independent expertise in testing and training services, around the planet. In the quest for solutions to complement this portfolio of services, they want to develop high-quality and customized testing. Therefore, they did choose for Allied Telesis as one of their technology partners. “Allied Telesis is the perfect match for what we were looking for”, Dries Decock, COO at Excentis. Discover their story in our new case study!

About Excentis

The mission of Excentis is advancing the network of today and paving the way for the network of tomorrow. Their strong vision is to be a leading partner in access networks by helping our customers to validate quality, measure performance and pinpoint the issues. We organize ourselves towards innovation and long-term relationships with customers, partners and employees. We drive a positive change towards more sustainable connected and collaborative world. Dries (Excentis):“We like to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Originally our focus was on cable networks, but we’re increasingly focusing on other technologies such as fiber and 5G.”

Excentis opted for Allied Telesis to extend their product ByteBlower. This Network Traffic Generator helps you quickly assess performance and stability. Their focus is very clearly the testing of the products before they get into the network. They mainly focus on the access networks and different technologies.

Why Excentis chose Allied Telesis

Excentis used Allied Telesis in their own network, that’s where it all started. They were very satisfied with the quality and noticed a stable network, configurable and an uptime of 99.9%. Dries (Excentis): “Allied Telesis was the perfect match for what we were looking for. They also offered the opportunity to test their products every time. We took advantage of this, but we’ve never had to return anything. Allied Telesis handles very carefully and makes sure in advance there’s a match with the products.” The quality was the big win for Excentis. Reliable products are very important to them. “Besides that, Allied Telesis has a wide range of different combinations of switches with high speeds and all kinds of ports. Also the match with the features like the VLAN translation, that combination made us choose Allied Telesis“, Dries (Excentis).

Together with Allied Telesis, which specializes in high-end IP Ethernet end to end networking solutions, Excentis is promoting their access networks.

Read their full story in our case study via the button below.

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