A new era of connectivity: Wi-Fi 7 and the new Ruckus R770 access point

A new era of connectivity: Wi-Fi 7 and the new Ruckus R770 access point

With the arrival of the Wi-Fi 7 era, a world of new possibilities opens up. Wi-Fi 7 brings groundbreaking advances in speed, capacity, latency and reliability that could radically change the way we connect to the digital world.

Ruckus embraces the Wi-Fi 7 revolution

Next-generation Wi-Fi® technology takes your network to the next level. Ruckus embraces the Wi-Fi 7 revolution, find out why you should too.

The Wi-Fi 7 alliance’s new IEEE 802.11be standard defines a new level for your network. For business, healthcare, education, Large Public Venue (LPV) and other environments, Wi-Fi 7 is the key to a more efficient, secure and responsive network.

Wi-Fi 7’s extreme speeds, low latency and increased capacity deliver exceptional user experiences and enable a whole new class of advanced connected devices and demanding applications. Need a way to manage 8K video streams, XR (extended reality) video conferencing, mass social gaming and more? Wi-Fi 7 is the answer you’ve been waiting for, and Ruckus will bring it to life for you when the first supporting enterprise-class devices hit the market in 2024.

In the Wi-Fi 7 era, Ruckus will transform the entire portfolio to a three-radio architecture that supports the simultaneous 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz and 6 Ghz bands required by the new standard. The deployment of Wi-Fi 7 will dramatically increase data throughput, lower latency and improve connection reliability.

“Wi-Fi 7 is the next big thing we’ve all been waiting for. Ruckus is ready to make your network work optimally.”

Benefits of Wi-Fi 7

Provides dramatically better throughput:
Ruckus Wi-Fi 7 solutions deliver huge throughput improvements over Wi-Fi 6 thanks to wider channels and larger 6 GHz capacity gains. The result? Peak speeds of more than 40 Gbps, four times the throughput of Wi-Fi 6.

Provides wireless link aggregation with MLO:
Multi-link operation (MLO) uses multiple bands to connect AP and user device simultaneously. Aggregating these separate links significantly increases throughput, lowers latency and improves link reliability.

Overcome interference with preamble puncturing:
Preamble puncturing allows a Wi-Fi 7 AP to broadcast a “punctured” portion of a channel as part of that channel spectrum used by legacy users. Thanks to this feature, Wi-Fi 7 supports 320 MHz channels – double that of Wi-Fi 6 – without interference degrading performance.

Supports the most demanding applications with low latency:
Latency is the critical need for advanced applications such as AR and VR that cannot tolerate widely varying latency levels. Ruckus Wi-Fi 7 technologies support time-sensitive networking (TSN) to provide the deterministic latency that applications need.

Ruckus R770: First Wi-Fi 7 indoor access point

Ruckus announces their first Wi-Fi 7 access point, the Ruckus R770. This is a high-end access point aimed at different markets such as:
Education, Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling-Units (MDU), Large Public Venue (LPV), Smart City, Manufacturing and others. Like all Ruckus APs, the R770 delivers reliable, secure and high-performance connectivity.

Benefits of the Ruckus R770

The Ruckus R770 offers a variety of benefits:

  1. Simultaneous connection of more devices: With the capacity to handle 8 data streams simultaneously, this results in an impressive combined maximum PHY data throughput of 12.22 Gbps.
  2. Support Crucial Wi-Fi 7 features:Think 320MHz in 6GHz, 4K QAM modulation, Multi-Link Operations (MLO), Punctured Transmission, and improvements in Quality of Service (QoS).
  3. High Client Density and Performance: This translates into an exceptional end-user experience in large meeting rooms, business spaces and sprawling classrooms.
  4. BeamFlex+ Adaptive Antenna Technology: This technology provides faster speeds, fewer errors and instantaneous delivery of bandwidth. This is the first antenna that maximizes signal coverage and cooperates with each client. This also increases MIMO diversity gain and optimizes the potential for spatial multiplexing
  5. Optimized Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi Performance: This is achieved via the built-in 1/2.5/5/10GbE port.
  6. Exclusive DPSK3 Feature from RUCKUS: Adds the power of Dynamic PSK™ technology to WPA3, which combines advanced security with the flexibility and ease of use of dynamic passwords to secure network access.
  7. Availability: The Ruckus R770 is now available for order, with the first shipments set to take place in december 2023. No delivery restrictions are expected at this time. Please note that orders will not be assigned a shipping date until the product reaches its general availability date.

Want to learn more about the Ruckus R770?

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