Ruckus One: Revolutionizing Business Intelligence

Ruckus One: Revolutionizing Business Intelligence

RUCKUS One is an AI-driven network and business intelligence platform that simplifies the management of a converged public and private enterprise network with multiple access points. It provides better business decision-making and exceptional user experiences. With flexible subscriptions and deployment models, RUCKUS One ensures effortless, reliable, secure and future-proof networking in the cloud.

Simplified management of integrated networks

RUCKUS One significantly simplifies deploying and managing your multi-access public and private corporate network – both Wi-Fi and wired. Intuitive intent-based workflows provide quick provisioning, management and control of multiple access networks in different locations, all from a single window.

AI-driven network assurance

Using advanced AI, RUCKUS One gives you the troubleshooting tools to quickly respond to issues affecting service and prevent network anomalies from reaching service damage levels. It classifies incidents by severity so you know where to focus first.

AIOps to intelligently automate IT operations

Built-in AIOps functionality seamlessly combines big data, machine learning and visualization to intelligently automate IT processes. RUCKUS One uses AI to make recommendations to improve performance metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and user experience.

Secure network access and policy management

  • Secure network access for any user, any device, on any network.
  • Full support for BYOD, guest and IT devices, including headless and IoT devices.
  • Full visibility and control over devices on the network through integrated policy management
  • Security and network services at the edge for more bandwidth, lower latency, higher fault tolerance, flexible deployment and runtime model, tighter security and lower cost.

All the advantages of Ruckus One summarized

– One unified management platform for all Cloud services
– Intuitive dashboard via web interface and app
– AI powered: recommended actions for network problems
– Manage WiFi networks of multiple locations through one interface
– Low cost of management
– Flexible/scalable

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