The Story

OneLogin offers a cloud-based Identity Management service out-of-the-box. That enables companies to securely adopt cloud apps - such as Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce,... And with additional services extension to your on-prem applications. By providing a solution to the access management challenges associated with them, including managing and automating user access, streamlining access with single sign-on and securing access with two-factor authentication.


The Benefits

Real-Time AD Sync

  • Only real-time sync integration
  • For IT efficiency, you can delegate apps to users in real-time
  • For security, OneLogin is the only tool that can kill access to apps in real-time

Role-Based Access Control & Mapping

  • Only RBAC engine that allows customers to leverage any directory attribute to assign apps
  • Competitors only allow customers to leverage Security Groups within AD to map over a set of apps
  • Restricts flexibility and may require AD restructure

Pricing Scalability & Flexibility

  • Bundled pricing model provides all of our features under one plan, rather than a modular pricing model
  • Unlimited apps ensure scalability as the customer adopts more cloud apps
  • External user pricing for customers, contractors, etc.

Strong Authentication

The recent barrage of identity theft and corporate fraud cases has brought corporate responsibility and the protection of sensitive data to the spotlight. The weakness of passwords can no longer be tolerated, and organizations are increasingly moving from password-centric to strong authentication solutions. This enables organizations to securely authenticate identified users.

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