The Story

Extreme Networks pioneers next-generation wireless LAN architecture for an intelligent, scalable and resilient architecture. Their cooperative control wireless LAN architecture eliminates wireless LAN controllers and allowing a single Hive Manager for even the biggest networks. This simplified control provides all the management, mobility, and security of controller-based architecture without the cost, capacity, performance and availability issues associated with controller deployments.

In addition, Extreme Networks’s solutions provide the reliability and scalability necessary for mission-critical networks and are optimized for voice.

What is an Extreme Certified Mobility Administrator (ECMA) and how do I become one?
Although Extreme Networks’s LAN architecture is unique in its management, proper training for the best insights and way of working is definitely advised.

ECMA training is designed to make you an expert. It teaches you how to properly deploy and manage the entire cloud network and other solutions without hesitation. Although Aerohive Networks’s architecture relies heavily on cooperative control, a single Hive Manager with the ECMA training under their belt is the perfect reference point for any and all questions. The Extreme Networks ECMA technical training is provided online or on location.

Is Extreme Networks your ideal cloud management solution?
Talk to one of Kappa Data’s experts for an Extreme solution customized for your needs.



Routers play an essential part in connecting your business to the internet. Whether you are using ADSL, VDS, MPLS, or other WAN protocols, routers are the missing link between your network and the outside world. Kappa Data offers a broad portfolio of routers, with offerings sized for SMBs, enterprises and service providers.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is one of the pillars of modern telecommunication and collaboration. Use a cost-efficient WLAN to connect your team no matter where they are in the world, or to organize and optimize your company’s internal workflows. Optimized wireless networks will streamline any way of working, resulting in saved time and smoother communication. Find your perfect wireless network provider below.

Wifi Location Tracking

Wi-Fi location tracking, also known as Wi-Fi positioning, helps you keep track of valuable company assets. GPS and Wi-Fi work together to pinpoint the position of a certain network, and subsequently the device broadcasting the network, and let you know where it is at any given moment. Never lose sight of valuable assets on the move or keep an eye on your real estate when you’re not around through Wi-Fi location tracking fit to your needs. Find the perfect provider for your Wi-Fi positioning systems below.


LAN switching is a fundamental part of enterprise and SMB networking. Today, LAN switches must support high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity. Choosing the right equipment enable network administrators to dramatically reduce their network complexity and lowers their cost of ownership.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) technology unifies endpoint security technology, user or system authentication and network security enforcement to allow or prevent a user from connecting to the LAN or WLAN. In practice, travelling laptops will be able to connect to company networks far more safely with network access control than without it. Their access will be quarantined and scanned before connecting, making sure no infections or malware could ever access your company network. Easier for people, safer for networks.

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