Aerohive Networks

The Story

Choose next gen WLAN architecture for a more performant network. Discover Aerohive here.

Aerohive Networks is pioneering a next-generation wireless LAN architecture. Aerohive’s cooperative control wireless LAN architecture eliminates wireless LAN controllers, providing all the management, mobility, and security on controller-based architectures without the cost, capacity, performance and availability issues associated with controller deployments. In addition, Aerohive Networks solutions provide the reliability and scalability necessary for mission-critical networks and are optimized for voice.

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Routers play an essential part in connecting your business to the internet. Whether you are using ADSL, VDS, MPLS, or other WAN protocols, routers are the missing link between your network and the outside world. Kappa Data offers a broad portfolio of routers, with offerings sized for SMBs, enterprises and service providers.

Wireless Networking

Convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with other networks and network components are the main contributors to the popularity of wireless LANs. The majority of computers sold today come pre-equipped with all necessary wireless LAN technology.

Wifi Location Tracking

Tracking expensive assets and resources is a critical requirement in many environments. Enterprises looking for an RTLS solution, will immediately recognize the benefits of using their existing Wi-Fi wireless LAN to automatically track critical assets. WLAN-based location services can now be delivered economically on a network serving multiple applications (e.g., data, voice).


LAN switching is a fundamental part of enterprise and SMB networking. Today, LAN switches must support high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity. Choosing the right equipment enable network administrators to dramatically reduce their network complexity and lowers their cost of ownership.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) technology unifies endpoint security technology, user or system authentication and network security enforcement to allow or prevent a user from connecting to the LAN or WLAN. In practice, travelling laptops will be able to connect to company networks far more safely with network access control than without it. Their access will be quarantined and scanned before connecting, making sure no infections or malware could ever access your company network. Easier for people, safer for networks.

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