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Start your cybersecurity with endpoint protection! Discover what BlackBerry can do for you.

What is BlackBerry software?

BlackBerry provides state of the art endpoint security prepared to defeat any and all threats. Its innovative Artificial Intelligence in concert with the expertise of the Kappa Data engineers that will keep you one step ahead of even the latest threats.

Looking to keep your customers’ and your own software safe? BlackBerry’s endpoint security will secure all of your network environments every step of the way. Interested, but not sure how to start using BlackBerry? We at Kappa Data will gladly guide you toward your perfect solution using BlackBerry endpoint security.

What does BlackBerry software do?

Bigger as well as smaller companies use internal and external computer networks to make sure things run smoothly. Although it simplifies communication and connects all necessary devices in a single network, this efficient way of working also heightens the risk of threats and infections seeping in. The more devices are connected, the more entry points malware can find to corrupt your system.

BlackBerry’s endpoint security makes sure all access points to your networks are safe and secure according to compliance standards. No more malware, no more worries.

Why do I need the BlackBerry desktop and fileserver security?

BlackBerry’s endpoint security falls under the umbrella of desktop and fileserver security. In a nutshell, malware is a collective term for software designed to disrupt your computer operations, gather sensitive information from your company or gain access to private computer systems. Malware can seriously damage your business operations, which is why desktop and fileserver security, such as BlackBerry’s endpoint security, is vital to your network. Curious to know more? Contact the Kappa Data experts for your ideal network security.


Desktop & Fileserver Security

Malware is a general term for software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems. This can seriously endanger your business operations, so antimalware is an essential component of your network's security infrastructure.

Allround Cyber Security

Virtualization is the future, which is why you are constantly optimizing your ICT infrastructure. But is your cyber security the best it can be? Anti-malware solutions are invaluable, but they can threaten your productivity. Do you want to avoid installing and maintaining software and signature databases on each of your virtual machines? Purpose-built virtualization security protects your data -- and your performance.

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