1. Wireless Survey and Audit

    As more and more devices are connecting over a wireless connection, the placement of your access points will be a deciding factor in both coverage and performance. The best way to get an overview on how many access points will be needed and where they should be mounted can be realised with a site survey where engineers perform real-time testing. We will provide you with a detailed Wireless Survey report and quote at the end of the survey.

  2. Onsite and remote installations

    Not all installations are plug and play or an extra hand is needed. Therefore, we have engineers with multivendor certifications that can perform both remote and on-site installations. All configurations are made by following industry standards and best practices gleaned from the consultants broad experience.

  3. Hotline support

    When you are onsite with your customer and there is an issue with a setup, then you can use the hotline support to get an immediate response.

  4. Pre-configuration

    Having hardware sent to you with a preloaded configuration is just one of the possibilities to get your setup quickly up and running.

  5. Proof of Concept

    Not all implementations are straight forward, or can be configured out-of-the-box. A proof-of-concept setup within your network or test environment will demonstrate whether the setup is feasible or not. All features can be tested and the pros and cons of the product solution are exposed.

  6. Control Center

    A flexible and low maintenance one-stop firewall management platform. This tool allows you and your customers to manage, control, monitor and maintain your Barracuda NextGen F-series Firewall install base in a very easy, cost effective and flexible way.

  7. Configuration Audit

    Your firewall is probably not as secure anymore as it was at the time of its initial installation due to changes that are constantly made to the configuration, which may unintendedly influence the security level.

    The Configuration Audit ensures you an in-depth assessment of your firewall configuration settings, which can assist you with securing your network now and in the future. Service currently available for Barracuda NextGen Firewalls in the Kappa Data Managed Control Center.

  8. WAN Optimization Audit

    Are you having trouble with your applications on your WAN ? Is your ERP working too slow ?

    Gain insight into the causes and possible solutions through an analysis of your WAN set-up. The Exinda WAN optimization audit analyses all traffic that passes the line and gives insight in what is going on. Receive an insightfull report and recommendations with this special Kappa Data service.