Our Services

At Kappa Data we offer added value through a series of services that support your business. Our teams are ready to support you with your projects and expertise with Technical, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and Training support services.

  • Technical

    Kappa Data offers a broad range of tailor-made technical services. Whether you deploy solutions for the first time, or you are in need of specialized help, Kappa Data is delivering high quality technical services. All our technical consultants are certified in the technologies we are actively distributing. Quality is guaranteed!

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  • Marketing & Sales

    In the actual economic landscape where vendors often lack sufficient sales and marketing in-country resources, Kappa Data plays an important role in supporting the partner and reseller in its sales and marketing activities. Whether you need a demo product, pre sales support, joint visits or content delivery for your next marketing activity, Kappa Data helps fullfilling these needs.

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  • Logistics

    Can a distributor add value to its logistical services? Kappa Data certainly can! We differentiate ourselves throughout our flexible attitude and problem solving mentality. Naturally all standard logistical key points as swift deliveries, adequate stock and a specialised license desk are a part of our standard logistical services package.

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  • Training & Events

    Knowledge is the essential building block in the partner’s capabilities in bringing solutions to the market and more important in supporting the end-user with the necessary services. Kappa Data’s target is to be a certified training center/partner for the brands it is carrying in its product portfolio. Stay tuned as we update our training calendar on a quarterly bases.

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