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Mobilize your applications with Small Enterprise Essentials Bundles and receive up to 50% reduction.
Valid from 30/08/2017 - 31/12/2017

Next Generation Secure Access for Mobility and Beyond with the Small Enterprise Essentials bundles.

The Pulse Secure Essentials Bundels provides small enterprises with a flexible, reliable and modern VPN solution to mobilize their applications.Each bundle includes a next generation PSA 300 or PSA 3000, PSA/PSA support/Pulse Access Suite Essentials Editions Software and Services.

4 easy steps to complete your tailor made Essential bundle:

  • Choose for the PSA 300 or PSA 3000
  • Choose how many users you want – (10, 25, 50, 100)
  • Choose 1 or 3 year ND hardware support
  • Choose 1 or 3 year Gold software support

And receive up to 50% reduction depending on the bundle!

Read more information about PSA or contact us for your tailor made bundle and offering!

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Ruckus: The Dogfather Promotion & Cashback
Valid from 06/07/2017 - 28/10/2017

We make you an offer you cannot refuse…

Get at least 40% reduction on wireless hardware products and 50% on ICX Switching

And on top receive a 10% Cashback rebate, valid for a limited time only!

This great offer is submitted to conditions:

- Deal must be at least € 22.000

- Deal must be registered

- You need to have a Ruckus account on the Ruckus partner portal

- Cashback valid for the first 100 approved deal registrations

- Promo ends 28/10/2017

Contact Kappa Data for an offer you cannot refuse!

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Demo/Lab program for JPA Juniper Partner
Valid from 02/01/2017 - 29/12/2017

Special pricing conditions on demo equipment.

Offers JPA Partners discounts on the global list price on demo equipment and discounts on related services upto max. $200k per annum.

This offer is valid until 29/12/2017.

Contact our sales team for more info and conditions at

My personal contact at Kappa Data knows who I am, knows my business.  This speeds up significantly our interactions by phone and mail