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Pulse Profiler Special offer to jumpstart your customer’s visibility
Valid from 07/02/2019

Pulse Profiler: Jumpstart your customer’s visibility!

For customers purchasing the Advanced Suite Edition, Pulse Secure will provide a free virtual appliance (1-year subscription) sized to support the Pulse Profiler included with their Advanced Suite purchase.

This promotion provides an added incentive for customers to choose the Advanced Edition over the Essentials Edition.

This offer is submitted to conditions. Contact our team to learn more.

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Ruckus Multi-Gigabit Promotion
Valid from 04/02/2019 - 31/12/2019

Better Together, Faster Together!

Are your customers ready for more?
More powerful, always-connected mobile devices?
More bandwidth-hungry, latency-sensitive video applications?
More mobility – anywhere and everywhere?

To deliver more, network access infrastructure - from access points to switches - must work together like never before. Ruckus optimized wireless and wired multi-gigabit solutions to give you multi-gigabit access capacity over the existing cable plant, without disruption.

Special pricing!
Get a special price for the ideal multi-gigabit bundled solution, up to 60% Discount! Pair a Ruckus R720 or R730 AP with the ICX 7150-48ZP or ICX 7650-48ZP switch.

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