Tackle 3 common problems in wireless networks in schools with Lancom Networks!

Tackle 3 common problems in wireless networks in schools with Lancom Networks!

Here are 3 of the more common problems with Wi-Fi networks in schools:

Problem: Network Overload
When you put mobile devices in the hands of all the students, teachers, and staff, a school wireless network can easily become overloaded if it wasn’t appropriately designed to handle all those wireless devices.
To prevent the school wireless network from becoming overloaded by integrating the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. It will deliver up to 5 times higher data throughput and the school is futureproof in the vastly changing world of Wi-Fi!

Problem: Security
With all those devices in that network security becomes the biggest challenge.
In the past, if you did allow someone onto your network with their personal device, you didn’t have an effective way to limit what they did on your network. And you can be sure that people push the boundaries to see if they can access the backbone of a school’s network.
You need to have full control of what is going on your network.
You need to know who, what, when, and how people are connecting to your network and limit their access based on that profile or role you have set up. This is called “Role Based Access Control”.

Problem: Overwhelmed Tech Support
With varying types of equipment, and dissimilar configurations and software levels, come a wide variety of technological hurdles. How will they manage to bring all of those devices online without touching each device or handing out a pre-shared key? Your students are not going to allow IT to put their hands on their beloved mobile devices to program settings. Plus, no school has the IT manpower to program hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices anyways. Also, with all those different types of devices come all different types of issues. Then, the teachers start losing class time to tech support and troubleshoot.
An easy one stop management system that allows the IT-man to have fully control of the entire network of one school or even multiple schools.

The Lancom Wi-Fi Education offering covers everything what you just have been reading at a very attractive price point.
This education packages includes:
- Futureproof 802.11ac 4x4 Access Points
- Futureproof switching
- Cloud Management tool to have full control of the entire network
- Public spot for secure and reliable internet user access

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