Kappa Data introduces the Configuration Audit for your Firewalls

Kappa Data introduces the Configuration Audit for your Firewalls

At Kappa Data, we focus strongly on security. After the success of the Firewall Care service, a speedy and easy-to-use replacement service for Barracuda firewalls hosted on our Control Center, we looked further into the market and listened to the feedback of our customers. From this input, we’ve distilled a unique and valuable service: the Configuration Audit.

New Firewalls are configured with great care and consideration, but across time we have noticed that they quickly become outdated and expose the network to external threats. These threats are often caused by months of changes and updates to the settings that remain unmonitored.
In an effort to facilitate the management of the firewall configuration set-up, we present you the Kappa Data Configuration Audit.

This unique security service provides you with deep intel on the security status of your firewall configuration. With a checklist of more than 80 items across 15 categories, our auditors take a deep dive into your firewall’s security settings, assessing its level of coverage against security threats. Besides the obvious topics such as checking security policies, anti-malware and SSL, the Configuration Audit covers non-conventional checkpoints as well.

The conclusions of the audit are brought to you in an easy-to-understand digital report, ready for your customers to take measures! This service is currently available for all Barracuda Firewalls hosted on the Kappa Data managed Control Center.
For more information and pricing, please contact us at sales@kappadata.be.


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