It’s the Month of Cylance

It’s the Month of Cylance

The Numbers and Results Don’t Lie!
Cylance® provides a solution that identifies threats and analyzes them before they can cause harm. According to research conducted by SE Labs, CylancePROTECT® has the ability to stop threats, on average, 25 months before they appear in the wild. This next-generation anti-threat solution has already stopped tens of millions of potential attacks with a system that is continually learning… and continually getting better.

  • Predict Uses the power of Artificial Intelligence, to identify & block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints.
  • Prevent Delivers prevention against common and unknown (zero-day) threats without a cloud connection.
  • Protect Continuously protects the endpoint without disrupting the end-user.

Think Beyond Traditional Antivirus For years, prevention products primary threat protection was based on signatures. Assuming all attacks at a business had been seen before, using signatures made sense. Today, however, malware mutates daily, even hourly, making signature-based prevention tools obsolete. It is time to think beyond traditional antivirus. Think CylancePROTECT.

Want to see how it works in your environment? Contact us for a proof of concept demonstration.

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