Network Security

Whether you know for a fact your knowledge of network security is sufficient to protect your business or you possess basic knowledge, a little more expertise and depth will go a long way. Having your network security systems tested by Kappa Data offers the insights you need. Small and medium-sized companies often lack the IT and financial resources to be a match for sophisticated online dangers. Which is why you need Kappa Data.

  • Authentication

    It can no longer be ignored: password and identity theft are on the rise and pose a variety of threats to your clients and your organization. With a strong authentication program as part of your network security system, an identity thief should not be able to slip through the net. Authentication is simply the process of examining whether someone (or something) really is who (or what) he (or it) claims to be and to make it impossible for intruders to get into the system.

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  • Endpoint Security

    What if you successfully installed your network security system only to have it bypassed by a device playing by different rules? Laptops, tablets and other wireless devices connected to your network are all possible attack paths for wireless threats. With the endpoint security approach, those devices are only given access if they comply with certain standards. Discover your ideal endpoint security here.

  • Network Security

    Activities designed to protect your network are called network security. These activities protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of your data and your network. They fight incoming threats, but also stop them from spreading through your network security system. Find out about your ideal protection program here.

  • Content Security

    As an added layer of security, content security systems help detect and fight possible threats like Cross Site Scripting injecting malicious code or data injection attacks. By means of these attacks, criminals hope to steal data, distribute malware or sabotage your network. Discover the Kappa Data solutions here.

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Met de snelle leveringen van Kappa Data kunnen we installaties direct na bestelling inplannen.  Dat werkt enorm efficiënt. Marcel Uittenbogaard - Directeur , Active View
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