Network Infrastructure

A proper network infrastructure is easy to manage, secure and scalable. The products distributed by Kappa Data deliver on all three promises. We deliver from a wide range of equipment for an optimal network infrastructure and subsequently the most efficient way of working. Discover your ideal solution here.

  • Wifi

    What are the benefits of Wi-Fi as a Service with Kappa Data? Why would I need Wi-Fi location tracking built in network infrastructure? How does a wireless network help me grow as a business? Discover everything you never knew about Wi-Fi.

  • Network Infrastructure

    A common demand in growing organizations is an ever-increasing and ever-improving network infrastructure which enables growth, higher performance levels, scalability and gives a possible advantage on competitors. Intelligent networks are the key to an efficient network infrastructure and an optimized cost-benefit ratio.

  • Back-Up & Archiving

    Losing data can be disastrous in many ways. Cybercriminals increasingly focus on regular companies alongside governmental entities and big corporations. Former FBI director Robert Mueller even said: “There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” Protect your company with Kappa Data backup systems and mail archiving services fit to size.

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  • Power Quality

    Sudden power outages or surges can threaten your wireless networks and shared online data. With an uninterruptible power supply built into your network infrastructure, your network will keeps running for a time. Your emergency power supply allows you to correctly save and store your work and gives the system time to synchronize.

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We know Kappa Data as a VAD with strong pre- and aftersales services, technical support and consultancy for their resellers. Christian Bosman – Commercial Director , Jongens van Beheer
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