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Juniper Networks Offer Cloud Services Based on Machine Learning & Driven by Mist AI.
See How We Bring AI, Automation, And Simplified Operations To Every Facet Of Networks.

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Wired Access & Campus Solutions

How Juniper Networks can help

In the world of wired switches, “enterprise-grade” rarely goes hand in hand with “ease of use.” Until now. Demand more from your switching portfolio. Juniper Networks access switches, born in the cloud era and driven by Mist AI™, deliver the performance and scale you expect from Juniper Networks with zero-touch provisioning, campus fabric support, proactive troubleshooting, and self-driving automation for ongoing operational simplicity.

When combined with Juniper Networks AI-driven wireless access and SD-WAN solutions, you get end-to-end automation, insights, and actions for the best operator and end-user experiences, from client to cloud.

Wireless Access Solutions

How Juniper Networks can help

Traditional wireless LAN solutions rely on antiquated architectures that lack the scale, reliability, and agility needed to address today’s diverse enterprise needs. Juniper Networks solves these issues with an innovative approach to wireless access that combines AI-driven automation and insight with the flexibility and dependability of a microservices cloud.

When combined with Juniper Networks AI-driven wireless access and SD-WAN solutions, you get end-to-end automation, insights, and actions for the best operator and end-user experiences, from client to cloud.

Indoor Location Services

The BLE location service for AI-Driven Enterprise.

Indoor location services are critical to revolutionizing the user experience. Increasingly, enterprises expect a real-time cloud location service that combines personalization, data analytics, and operational simplicity to deliver turn-by-turn navigation and comprehensive visibility—all while reducing operational costs through intelligent automation.
Driven by Mist AI, the Mist Cloud Architecture converges Wi-Fi and virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) to enable high accuracy indoor location services with scalability, resiliency, and flexibility.


- Reduced reckoning on mobile devices through sensor fusion
- Location engine algorithms in the mobile device


- Unsupervised machine learning
- Global path loss formulas, crowdsourced


- On-premises microservices
- First in the industry to support third-party tags

The Network for the Next Decade

AI Driven. Cloud Enabled. Agile.

Experience the real–world benefits of AIOps in enterprise networking​ and see why thousands have switched to the leader in AI & cloud. Explore more about Juniper Wireless on the button below!

AI-Driven SD-WAN

How Juniper Networks can help

Reliable connectivity, zero-trust security, and AI-based insights
Juniper Networks SD-WAN, driven by Juniper Networks Mist AI™, enables exceptional IT-user and end-user network experiences. Powered by Juniper Networks Session Smart™ Routing and Juniper Networks Mist WAN Assurance, it simplifies network operations and safeguards business matters from client to cloud.

When combined with Juniper Networks AI-driven wireless access and SD-WAN solutions, you get end-to-end automation, insights, and actions for the best operator and end-user experiences, from client to cloud.

Data Center Networks

How Juniper Networks can help

Build crash-resistant data center networks that boost operational reliability. Faster service and application delivery are meaningless if your network crashes. Juniper solutions boost reliability in data center networks of all sizes, from centralized to edge locations, for more dependable operations with minimal delays.

Juniper Networks Apstra intent-based software automates and validates your data center network design, deployment, and operations across a wide range of vendors. When combined with Juniper Networks AI-driven wireless access and SD-WAN solutions, you get end-to-end automation, insights and actions for the best operator and end-user experiences, from client to cloud.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

How Juniper Networks can help

Juniper Networks Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture secures your workforce on and off the network with effective security that follows users wherever they go. This AI-optimized experience ensures the network is not just up, but is working well. With Juniper Networks SASE, you can keep users and devices connected and protected wherever they are by delivering zero-trust access to any application from anywhere while optimizing every connection.

Juniper Networks meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go by leveraging what you have today and extending your zero-trust initiatives to a cloud-delivered architecture without breaking the bank or your ops team.

Juniper Automation

How Juniper Networks can help

Simplifying the transition from operations to outcomes, so you can improve your network and the experiences of the people it connects.
Network automation simplifies planning, design, and operations for network teams, reducing configuration errors for a more predictable and reliable network. This, in turn, optimizes end user satisfaction and maximizes user efficiency.

Staying ahead of business requirements requires automation throughout the entire network through all stages of your services lifecycle, from Day 0 through Day 2+. To this end, Juniper Networks has made automation a cornerstone of all that we do.

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University of Reading's AI-Driven Network

Digital Foundation to Enhance Student Experiences

University of Reading migrated to an AI-driven network to deliver better digital experiences for students, faculty and staff. Its Juniper network, driven by Mist AI, provided a flexible foundation to meet their digital transformation ambitions. University of Reading created an agile architecture to support the university’s future strategy.

CitizenM transforms the hotel guest experience with its 'affordable luxury' concept

How Juniper Networks can help

CitizenM is something of a rebel. The brand appeals to travelers who value luxury, but at an affordable price. CitizenM promises self-service check-in, free Wi-Fi and and outrageously soft mattresses. Technology is thoroughly infused into the guest experience and hotel operations, and citizenM relies on Juniper’s full stack of wireless, wired, and security solutions.

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Greater Resiliency
A modern cloud matters. The Juniper Mist cloud-native platform scales elastically with your needs. With microservices, you get regular feature updates with no downtime. Make network upgrades in minutes not months.

Complete Visibility
Proactive beats reactive everyday. Don’t just see the network, optimize user experiences on it with the first and only AI-driven network. With Mist AI, you can proactively find and fix Wi-Fi issues before they become problems. Eliminate 90% of help desk tickets.

Increased Efficiency
Get a stress-less, do more network. Shrink your to-do list with self-driving operations, AI-guided actions, and a 100% open API that works with every solution. Put your time, money, and resources into more strategic projects. Save up to 85% in total OPEX.

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