Pulse Secure


Leading specialist in secure access solutions


Secure Remote Connectivity

Network Access Control Application Delivery Controller (vADC)

Mobile Device Management


Zero trust visibility, protection and availability in hybrid IT environments

Flexible, scalable and reliable

No impact on performance or security

vADC guarantees continuous uptime and real-time security control

Who is Pulse Secure?

Pulse Secure provides secure access solutions for people, devices and services, based on a zero trust model of continuous authentication and authorisation.

For many years, businesses of all sizes and in all sectors have been relying on Pulse Secures’ integrated virtual private network, network access control, mobile security and application delivery solutions.

What solutions does Pulse Secure offer?

Secure access solutions

Pulse Secure’s end-to-end zero trust solutions ensure that only authenticated users with compatible devices can connect to authorised applications in cloud and non-cloud environments over any network, without compromising security or productivity.


The Pulse virtual application delivery controller provides your customers with faster, more reliable applications, without sacrificing performance or security.

This vADC isn’t just a software load balancer; it directs more transactions, even during peak loads, ensuring continuous uptime and real-time security control of all application traffic.