Delta Electronics


Specialist in UPS and data centre infrastructure solutions


Agilon range: for PCs and peripherals

Amplon range: for servers and network equipment

Ultron range: for data centres and industrial systems

Modulon range: for modular UPS systems that offer scalability and redundancy in a 19” rack


More than 25 years of UPS experience

Unmatched Reliability

Scalable and flexible

Worldwide sector-specific solutions

Who is Delta Electronics?

For more than 25 years, Delta Electronics has been supplying a wide range of UPS and management software that can provide the essential power to protect its customers’ business-critical applications.

These include sector-specific solutions for world-class semiconductor, optoelectronics, food processing, finance, petrochemical and telecommunications businesses.

Delta Electronics portfolio

The Delta Electronics portfolio includes products that vary form UPS to data centre infrastructure solutions (InfraSuite), with a comprehensive range of services

Delta Electronics’ UPS are advanced power management systems that protect computers from problems such as voltage surges and spikes, voltage drops, total power cuts, and frequency variations.

What are the benefits of Delta Electronics?

Delta Electronics’ UPS solutions both ensure uninterrupted processes with unparalleled reliability and respond to the ever-growing commercial demands of businesses with uniquely designed scalability and flexibility.