Kappa Data is an authorised as-a-service provider under the KMO-portefeuille (SME portfolio) measure, so all Kappa Data’s courses are eligible for subsidies from the Flemish government. If your head office is located in the Flemish Region and you meet all the criteria, you will receive a subsidy of up to 40%. To find out if your business is eligible, visit the official website.

Quick eligibility check.

  • Your enterprise is a commercial company with legal personality (e.g. NV, BV, VOF, etc.).
  • Your company carries out activities in the Flemish Region.
  • Your company’s core activity (NACEBEL code) is on this list.
  • Small enterprise: less than 50 FTEs and less than 10 million units of sales or assets (40% subsidy – max. EUR 10,000 per year).
  • Medium enterprise: less than 250 FTEs and less than 50 million turnover or less than 43 million assets (30% subsidy – max. 15,000 EUR per year).

Note: you must register first!

Both the applicant and the company must register before you can use the KMO-portefeuille (SME portfolio) measure. You can register online with your eID.

Apply for a subsidy for your Kappa Data training course

  • Register online for the training you want to follow, and accept our conditions. You will receive an invoice from Kappa Data for this training course.
  • Pay the VAT amount directly to Kappa Data. Our IBAN account is on the invoice.
  • Log in to KMO-Portefeuille, and request your subsidy. Enter the amount without VAT. Kappa Data’s registration number is DV.O218625.
  • You will receive an electronic account number on the KMO-Portefeuille portal. Transfer the non-subsidised amount to this electronic account (a small enterprise pays 60%, a medium enterprise pays 70%).
  • As soon as the Flemish government receives the non-subsidised amount, it will transfer the remaining amount to the same KMO-Portefeuille account.

After completing the above steps, log in and transfer the total amount for this training course (excluding VAT) to Kappa Data’s KMO-Portefeuille account. Please pay the full amount for each participant before the start of the training course.