CommScope RUCKUS Network Analytics

CommScope RUCKUS Network Analytics

CommScope offers the RUCKUS Analytics: A cloud service to start managing wired and wireless networks optimally as an IT service.

How does it work?

This tool helps increase efficiency and improve the user experience. In the absence of proper network analytics tools, IT teams struggle to keep up with users’ connectivity issues and meet their SLAs. RUCKUS Analytics delivers powerful network analytics thanks to patented machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence to help you, the user, get the most out of the RUCKUS network.

Ruckus Analytics also has a unique troubleshooting solution. Namely, the service can rank any problems based on the severity of the problem. This allows managed service providers and corporate IT teams to resolve the most pressing issues first.

Check out the intro to the RUCKUS Analytics below.

Proactively and quickly solve network problems

Get optimal insight with ready-to-use reports and personalized dashboards, discover more in this video.

Advanced client troubleshooting allows you to quickly resolve network issues for your clients. With this tool, you gain a complete picture of the client experience for easy connectivity and user experience diagnosis. For example, you can see when specific clients are experiencing successful, slow or failed connections and when roaming and disconnect events are occurring and proactively anticipate them.

Interested in a demo? Check it out here. Looking for a demo around a specific situation? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Key Benefits of Ruckus Analytics

  • Reporting and analytics – tool that displays and analyzes network operations in a very granular way
  • ZeroTouch deployment – with minimal effort from the IT team, manage complex networks and age for (potential) problems.
  • Troubleshooting – identify, prioritize and solve network problems in a very quick and easy way.
  • Fully integratable with Ruckus management tools such as Cloud and Virtual Smartzone.

Ruckus Analytics is available for all Ruckus Access Points and switches managed via SmartZone network controllers or the Ruckus Cloud.

Curious to learn more about RUCKUS Analytics?

Discover for yourself how RUCKUS Analytics delivers comprehensive network intelligence. Request a free trial or live online demo with a product expert (terms and conditions apply).

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