A perfect combination: Juniper Mist & Blyott

A perfect combination: Juniper Mist & Blyott

Did you know that Juniper Mist and Blyott’s solutions integrate perfectly with one another? Discover below more about each vendor’s solution and what combining them can mean for you.

Juniper Mist

Juniper Mist is a vendor of self-driven cloud-based networking equipment. They focus mainly on the wireless and wired part of the network infrastructure.

The vendor distinguishes itself on the one hand by its AI engine Marvis and on the other hand by integrating bidirectional BLE antennas in its access points. By adding this, a complete rollout of location services can be achieved.

The Juniper Mist ecosystem enables resellers to provide their customers with a high-quality, high-performance and stable network environment that can be centrally managed via the cloud. The network is constantly monitored in the background and the AI engine can make adjustments where necessary or generate alerts if a manual intervention is required.

Apart from the network infrastructure, it is also an investment for the future since you’re able to rol out location services (asset tracking, wayfinding, engagement analytics, etc) at any time. Because Juniper Mist also has BT11 devices in its portfolio, more BLE coverage can be added in a cost-efficient way to obtain more accurate results.

Because Juniper Mist offers an extensive set of integration possibilities, other solutions can make use of the data collected by the access points.


Blyott is a solution that focuses on location based tracking and monitoring. It started as a solution focused on the healthcare sector (hospitals, nursing homes,…) but can of course also be used in many other sectors.

The principle is simple: you attach a Bluetooth beacon to an object that you want to track. You register this beacon with a name in the application. Through Juniper Mist Access Points, the beacons are received and sent to the Blyott cloud. This way you can quickly and easily find out the current location of the beacon.

Blyott’s slogan is “Big Savings – Happy Staff”. The solution ensures that staff can focus more on what they were hired for in the first place. All the time lost searching for material is lost. In this way, staff have more time and can complete their tasks in a more relaxed manner. This reduces stress and the chance of burn-outs.

Juniper Mist with Blyott = a perfect combination

Blyott integrates perfectly with Juniper Mist. You can choose to work with the strongest signal (which AP received the strongest signal from the beacon), fingerprinting with Machine Learning of Blyott and soon also the location determined by the engine of Juniper.

Because Juniper Mist works with bidirectional antennas (8 antennas that can receive BLE beacons), the location determination is extra accurate. The combination of a high-performance, stable, cloud-based, self-driven network with a highly accurate asset tracking solution enables you as a reseller to bring a beautiful and complete story to the end customer.

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