Our story

1998 -2007

Founded in 1998, Kappa Data’s goal is to become the new player in the general distribution landscape, with a home base in the beautiful city of Gent. A strong focus on network infrastructure and security for the SMB market as main targets were the key ingredients to become successful. With added value as middle name, the company started off very well and realized a nice growth in the first couple of years.

Over time and with the increased importance of firewalling, anti-malware and WiFi in the market added to the excellent selection of vendors, Kappa Data answered the important market requests and brought major market competitiveness and success to the company.

2008 - 2013

Time to take the next step. Where the focus in the first 10 years lay in the mid-market business, it is now time to enter the enterprise market. By signing contracts with important enterprise vendors such as Juniper, Trend Micro and Vasco Data Security, Kappa Data took its place in this market in just a couple of years.

Even today, Kappa Data uses the hybrid model in which mid-market and enterprise resellers are equally important and receive targeted services, each with their own added value components.

2013 - 2016

This period marks the start of the third growth phase of the Kappa Data story. After being successful in the BeLux region, it is now time to initiate the international adventure. With the expansion plan in our hands, a new office is created in Rijswijk (the Netherlands). 4 years later, Kappa Data the Netherlands becomes an important part of the Kappa Data Group.

To realize the full expansion plan, in 2015 Kappa Data renewed the prestigious HQ office from top to bottom, now including excellent training and stocking facilities.

Kappa Data - Now

Creation of the Kappa Data Group (Holding) and the start of the ‘real’ international growth with the kickoff of Kappa Data Poland. The newest office in the group advocates the same Kappa Data spirit, service and added value as the offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. And the story continues…

As value-added distributor it is our goal to provide, on a non-stop basis,high-quality services & trainings together with some wonderful brands !

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